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En Route encourages

you to shine.

Confidence is the best style

What do I want to wear today? What looks good on me? What do I like to wear? These aren’t always easy questions.

But they are important!


Because your clothes are a way to communicate. It shows who you are and how you want to present yourself. That’s why it’s important that your daily outfit is a representation of who you are. Once you feel good in your outfit, self-confidence will come naturally.

From a fancy outfit for that one party to a suited wardrobe for your new job; Sarah will help you get started by picking out the right color, style and shape on your way to the wardrobe of your dreams.

3 ways to get more out of your wardrobe!

Who is Sarah?

Citygirl from the countryside

Born in the metropole and fashion city, Antwerp, but raised with her two feet on the ground in the country side. I started modelling when I was 15 years old. I discovered a whole new world full of wonder and beauty. This is where I learned the different aspects of the trade.


A heart for people

What did I study? Well, I studied speech therapy and audiology at the University of Leuven. During my studies and at my first job, I could fully express my eagerness to learn and my pleasure in helping people. I discovered that I loved guiding people. Helping someone move forward is fun for the person being helped, but just as much fun for me.


A passion for fashion

After 3 years, my desire to run my own business started to itch. This desire in combination with my passion for fashion and aesthetics, brought me here. Now I have a blog about outfits & lifestyle and I coach women so they can feel amazing in their own style.