The sales period, you either love it or hate it. Two months a year we choose to drum together like a bunch of madmen in a place that is way too small. All to get that one bargain we really wanted. But, is it really worth it? As a student, I loved browsing through all the stores during the sales period. I had to see everything, because imagine that I would miss that one great discount! It’s a shame these high days are over. Waiting in line for hours to get into a fitting room, watching the woman next to you like a hawk because she has that one item that you really want, the sore feet, digging through a mountain of t-shirts at ZARA to see if there aren’t any hidden treasures (never happens btw), … No thanks. I don’t do that anymore. The older I get, the less I appreciate the crowdedness of the shopping streets. Nevertheless, sales are the perfect time to take your chance. I bought the most expensive items of clothing I have during the sales period. Without having to fight for them, I swear. Wondering how? I have listed the most important do’s and don’ts for you. Do you have any tips for me? I’d love to hear them! :)

1. Go shopping at the right time

Try to avoid Saturdays and Sundays. If you do go during the weekend, then go shopping at around 10 o’clock, the shopping streets are very quiet then. If your work allows it, then a workday would be ideal. Peace guaranteed.

2. Have a goal

I think this is the most important tip. Most of us race into the shopping street and come home with bags full of clothes you didn’t need. That is not what the sale period is for. Make a list (on a piece of paper or on your phone) of the things you definitely want and where you can buy them. Stores during the sales period will often look completely different than during the year. Everything is organized by size and there is no overview. Isn’t it nice that you can ask the saleswoman if there are any pants or dresses left? No more searching for you! It can be fun to search for hidden treasures and to browse between the racks, but that is not for everyone. Having a goal in mind whilst shopping during the sales can save you a lot of money. Like many of you, I tend to buy more for the same amount of money, instead of actually saving money. The temptation is sometimes too big to resist when you see that -70% sticker. “Maybe it’s not something I need, but I can’t just leave it?” or “a silk dress for that price! I could definitely wear that at the next party I am going to!” These are often the thoughts that go true my head during those moment. Recognizable? I probably don’t need that billionth party dress and that comfy black t-shirt will probably end up on the pile with the rest of my t-shirts. Usually, you spend money on things you don’t really need and that don’t really add any value to your wardrobe. It is really worth it to think about if you are really buying a beautiful acquisition or if you are just filling up your closet.

3. Shoot for quality

Ladies, it is tempting to buy 5 euro t-shirts in the big chain stores, but let’s be honest. When they aren’t on sale they will probably cost about 10 euros. Is those 5 euros really worth the time and effort? The sales period is the perfect time to invest in good basics (jeans, a blazer, a little black dress, leather boots, a beautiful coat) and in more special pieces (a striking coat, a sequin blaze, classy pumps). The more expensive stores and labels also offer big discounts. During the year you might not spend 150 euros on a blazer that will last for years, but during the sales period this blazer might only be 75 euros. This way you get a quality piece of clothing that’s easy to combine with other items of clothing. Do you like striking special items like a sparkling dress or a long red coat from a designer brand? Then this is your chance! The more special items will often stay on the racks a lot longer because there isn’t really a high demand for them. The discounts can therefore keep piling up.

4. Patience is a virtue

Do you absolutely want that one item? Then be there on time. Is it less vital? Then be patient. Often the discounts will only rise. So, if you occasionally check online or call the store to ask how many pieces there are left, you can estimate this quite well.

5. Compare

The discounts on clothing can vary drastically! Definitely compare the price in the store with an online store. Last year I bought a pair of shoes for -40% when in the store they only offered -20%. This can also be the case the other way around. A small comparison study never hurt anybody. Also keep in mind that you are supporting local shops when you are shopping in a shopping street. This is also important.

6. Avoid a bad bargain

When I see a nice item whilst I’m shopping, I try to imagine what I can wear it with? If you can come up with three items/outfits, you are good to go. If this is not the case, you have to ask yourself this question: it is that beautiful that you will look for other items that will go with this one? YES => perfect! NO => leave it because you will never wear it.

7. Let go, let it go!

Elsa is right. Sometimes things don’t always go your way. You can always have the bad luck that that beautiful coat has just sold out or that those shoes are no longer available in your size. That is very unfortunate, but you have to let it go. So much is designed and produced … There will most definitely be a new pair of shoes on the market that completely suit you. Good luck! Lots of love, Sarah

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